Monday 23 May 2016

Victoria Day

   The pool guys are coming on Wednesday to open the pool so I cut all the grass this afternoon so it won't need done again for a few days. Tomorrow I will tidy up the back yard and move the patio furniture and plants so they are not in their way when they take the cover off the pool. Once that is done it just remains to fill the pool and wait for the water to warm up. I could have done with a swim today as it got up to 27C this afternoon!

   I am hoping the pool does not require any repairs as it wasn't running too well when they closed it up last fall. But I have set aside some money just in case. This is a major expense for the next four months as I have them come in each week for a chemical check, not to mention the electricity and gas used to run the pump and the heater! But I think it is still cheaper than condo fees so I will stay here for the time being and enjoy my own private pool. Plus the grandkids like to come over for a swim occasionally.

   Tennis at Don Mills this morning and a nice lunch (sausages in buns, salad and lovely desserts). They always do a great spread on the holiday Mondays. I played three sets but it was getting too hot by noon so I came home after lunch for a nap. Still not hungry although I had some salmon and cream cheese spread with a glass of wine an hour ago. I will postpone dinner for a while and just have some leftover chicken pot pie with some pickled beetroot again.

This is my Bleeding Heart in full bloom - I have finally figured out how to load pictures!

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