Sunday, 1 May 2016

Junk Food

    Well, it wasn't all junk food but more than I usually eat and a little less healthy. It started on Thursday when I attended the RTO lunch and travelogue. The meal was chicken breast and vegetables and I left most of the mashed potatoes, but - oh, the dessert! - it was a scrumptious chocolate mousse and I almost licked the plate clean! I can't remember what I ate at dinner time but it was probably salad as I was still pretty full from lunch.

   The travelogue was particularly interesting to me as it started in Lisbon which I visited in 2015. I saw many of the places that were familiar from that trip and some I would like to visit if I go there again. I had forgotten much of my trip but the beautiful photos brought it all back.

   On Friday I attended the AGM of the Senior's group I belong to. It was a rather tedious affair but we were surprised with a pizza lunch when it was over - and cake! As well as the pizza there were fruit and veggie platters and we got two humungous slices of pizza. I brought one home along with the usual free pasta. We are so well looked after!

    I was up in Markham to babysit the grandkids in the evening and had dinner with them - beef tacos with lots of fresh veggies - I ate all the red peppers - and corn and beans. Natalie and I had two tacos but the boys each had three. I am so glad they have good appetites. I was home by 10:30 and peckish again so had the extra slice of pizza before going to bed.

   Saturday dawned sunny and pleasant which was good news as it was the opening of the tennis club. I was there by 9:30, gasping for some coffee but had to play a set before it was ready. Someone had brought Timbits so I indulged again (twice). After some more tennis lunch was served - another big meal - huge sausages in a bun, green and pasta salads, corn and beans and some more delicious desserts. Although there was plenty of fruit, my favourites were chocolate brownie and lemon squares - I had several of each (they were small!).

    In the evening I attended the final monthly dance of the season and worked the 50-50 draw table. The winner got $95. At the intermission (which included tea, sandwiches and more brownies and lemon squares) we were called to order for the AGM and this was a very well run affair and was over in no time. So we were soon back on the dance floor for the rest of the program.

   Today has been wet and miserable so I have had a day at home but I think I will write about that tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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