Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Still on the Hot Side

     Still hot (30+C) but not humid so quite bearable. The house has stayed relatively cool since I open the windows overnight and close all the drapes during the day. I also use the retractable awning to shade the west side of the house. The south and east sides have wide eaves so not much sun comes in as it is high in the sky during most of the day.

   I picked some more plants at the garden centre this morning  - dragon wing begonias for my hanging baskets. I also picked up a fuschia plant and a small eggplant.

   The pool cover is off and the pool is filling up - unfortunately with cold water which will take a few days to warm up. The pool guys will be back in a day or two to start up the pump and then we will know if all the plumbing has survived the winter. The water is very green but they will sort that out too in a day or two.

   Book club this afternoon. We were discussing "The Light Between Oceans" by M.L. Steadman. Nearly everyone really liked it and it got many positive comments and recommendations. The coordinator, Lee, won't be leading the group next year and has asked for someone else to step up - no immediate volunteers as yet. We have one more book before we stop for the summer, "The Girl On the Train", which should make for an interesting discussion as it is slightly controversial.

    A salmon steak for dinner tonight which I will broil and have with broccoli. Then a piece of rhubarb tart as my treat!

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