Monday 16 May 2016

A Little Party

  It is still on the cool side for May and we had some rain this afternoon but I did manage to walk to and back from Bridge this afternoon. I can't wait to be rid of my winter jacket!

   Optometrist this morning which made it difficult to distinguish the cards at Bridge (I had drops in my eyes). However I played one hand really well - I had bid with a weak hand, hoping not to play it but managed to cross ruff to a winning score. Clever me! The rest of my hands were rubbish.

   I have just taken two dozen sausage rolls out of the oven - they are for the pot luck party at dance group this evening. So I won't have any supper, except for some crackers with a beer. We usually dance until 8:45, then get out the treats. It's our last night until September although there will be other events we can attend over the summer.

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