Tuesday, 10 May 2016


    I have had a couple of nerve wracking days as my e-mail account was hacked on the weekend - my own fault, I clicked on something I shouldn't have. Everyone in my list of contacts got a message purporting to be from me saying I was stranded in the Philippines and needed cash to get home! I just hope no one fell for it as the message said I would repay them!

   I found out about it on Sunday and immediately changed my password. However, on Monday I also found my inbox was empty (very unusual) and Judy figured out that my mail had been forwarded to another e-mail address. She fixed it but I have no idea how many messages I've missed. I just hope there was nothing important!

   The weather continues sunny but cool. I did manage to sit outside for a while this afternoon but the wind is chilly. I never did get my jacket off at tennis this morning and there was a surprisingly small number of people at the courts. I went straight to Bridge lessons but only stayed until around 1:00 p.m. as I was almost falling asleep. Came home and had a nap then did a bit of weeding. Tomorrow is the pickup of garden refuse so I had a couple of bins filled.

   A nice dinner tonight - I baked a basa fillet with lemony green beans and a topping of chutney, wrapped in foil. It was perfectly cooked and very tasty. Basa doesn't have much taste so needs to be "gussied up". I had couscous and glazed carrots on the side.


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