Friday 6 May 2016

Lovely Heat Under Blue Skies

   Glorious day (finally) with blue skies and a high of 21C. Out of the house by 8:00 a.m. and arrived at Don Mills by 8:25. The traffic was heavy but I made good time nevertheless. Lots of good tennis and I stayed until almost 12:00. Hit the ATM on the way home to pay for the screen for my walkout but the guy called later to say he couldn't make it until tomorrow. We settled on next Monday.

    Cut the back grass this afternoon ( it was very long) and then went up to the Mall to get my haircut.  Also picked up another two books at the library while I was there and printed the Minutes for the RTO AGM report - it is almost ready. I got a shock this afternoon while loading one of the reports - everything froze and for a few scary moments I couldn't save or quit! I should make a backup as I would hate to lose everything at this late stage.

   Leftover fish and mashed potatoes from yesterday for dinner but I am not hungry yet so will wait until later this evening - lots to read in the meantime!

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