Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Money Back From CRA

    Yesterday I managed to arrive at Bridge lessons on time for once (no tennis as I had a doctor's appointment). We were learning about Negative Doubles and Takeout Doubles but, even though we worked on both for some time, I don't think I could actually use either  bid in an actual game. But I'll keep trying!  

   This was my full day at the Senior's Centre with two fitness classes this morning (I only did half of the second one, just the aerobic part), then two hours behind the counter of the coffee bar. I closed up there early so I could get to the book club meeting at 2:30. We were discussing "Me Before You" by Jojo Moyes and we had lots of lively talk. Only one person didn't like it (the same person who panned last month's book!) and several people have read the sequel, "Me After You", which I have now requested from the library.

   Another low carb dinner tonight - salmon, salad and green beans - but I had half a sandwich with my lunch and soup with pasta, so I fell behind today. I will try to do better tomorrow but I am eating lunch out so that may not work. More on that tomorrow.

    I sent off my tax return the other day and I am expecting a BIG refund! I just hope I calculated correctly. It was a tortuous process with having to redo it twice but I finally got it right (I hope!). CRA had made me pay in installments  last year and obviously they had made me pay too much so, in effect, I am just getting my own money back. Maybe they will reduce this year's payments.

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