Sunday, 3 April 2016

Still Wintry

    I just looked out the window and it's snowing again! It won't amount to much but is still depressing - it's April after all!

    When I went out this morning the wind was bitter and strong so we aren't done with winter yet. I am dying to get started on the garden but must wait until there is a more definite end to winter. The borders look so shabby I would love to get in and clear them and start digging. The only bonus is no grass to cut.

   To cheer myself up I made a batch of Lemon Ginger marmalade this afternoon. It turned out a treat - three small jars from three lemons and 2 cups of sugar. I feel inspired to do some more as I have a grapefruit on hand and a good recipe for orange grapefruit marmalade. Maybe tomorrow.

   Dinner tonight is chicken in a casserole with cabbage and potatoes. It's my own invention and I will bake it in the oven until the vegetables are brown and crispy. I love one-pot meals! No need for dessert tonight as I have been nibbling on scones and soda bread all day. I have really fallen off the low-carb wagon!

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