Friday 22 April 2016

In the Garden

   Rainy overnight and still damp this morning but not cold. The sun came out later - it got up to 16C - but also a north wind which I hadn't anticipated. I had only worn a light jacket to walk to Bridge this afternoon and was quite chilled by the time I got home. However, the sun has warmed up the house so no need for the fire tonight.

    I sat outside (well wrapped up) after Bridge and even did a bit of weeding but only half filled the bucket before I'd had enough. I spotted a couple of dandelions on the front lawn so that will be my next job as they will soon come up thick and fast. Also the grass already needs cutting! I had hoped to postpone it until May.

   This may have been my last Friday Fitness class as it is cancelled next week for the Senior's Executive meeting and after that I will be going to Kaffeeklatsch at the tennis courts on Fridays. I feel badly about missing it but there will be someone on the waiting list who will be glad to take my place.

    I picked up a pasta dinner at the free giveaway this afternoon (also a couple of soups) and had it with a big salad for dinner tonight. It was very filling and there are still some noodles left for tomorrow. You can't beat free food! 

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