Thursday, 7 April 2016

A Bit Milder

   No sun today but at least the temperature has stayed in the positive digits. The snow is almost gone but nothing is showing any sign of growing.

   I started my Zumba Gold class today - boy, was it tough! I hope once I learn the routines I will handle it better but I was sweating up a storm by the time we were done. I'm betting when I get up tomorrow morning I will be aching in all sorts of places.

   Nothing much else to report since my last post. I spent an hour this afternoon updating the memos that will go out to the Kaffeeklatsch monitors later this month. Luckily, not too many changes were required. The schedule is done (barring any last minute changes) so I am in good shape for my first attempt as the chief monitor.

   I am going to bake a fish fillet for dinner tonight - wrapped in foil on a bed of spinach and some chutney on top. I will have it with peas and mashed potatoes. Rather too many carbs today!

   On Tuesday I had an interesting excursion - I went to hear Donna Leon, the author of the Commissario Brunetti  detective novels, at the Toronto Reference Library. I have never been there before ( it's a beautiful building) but should have gone earlier as the room was packed. I heard 500 people came to hear her talk. She was very entertaining and I can't wait to get her newest novel from the library. I am about 350th on the waiting list!

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