Monday 25 April 2016

On the Go

   Just a quick note as it is long past my bedtime. I got home from dance group at 9:45 and have been dithering around for the last hour.

   I got my teeth cleaned and polished this morning with a new hygienist and she is much more efficient than the last one who was too chatty. I knew all about her family before I got out of the chair. There was a Pancake Breakfast at the Senior's Centre earlier in the morning - two huge pancakes, bacon and sausages with orange juice and coffee all for $5, very tasty but I couldn't even finish the second pancake and didn't need any lunch. I only had half an apple in the middle of the afternoon while playing Bridge with Marie, Diane and Pinky.

    Dinner tonight was a couple of different salads - potato and mixed cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, brussell sprouts, kale, broccoli and chicory) with a tasty poppy seed dressing. Sounds very healthy, doesn't it!

   Only 8C today with rain this evening and a cold wind. Will go and soak my aching bones in a hot bath with Epsom Salts before I hit the sack - I cut the back grass this afternoon after Bridge and before the rain - plus my feet are sore from dancing. It's now 11:45 - it was a busy day!

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