Friday, 8 April 2016

Still No Sign of Spring

   A little light-headed this evening as I have been working my way through a bottle of Shiraz-Grenache from Australia, so please excuse any typos! It's called "Yellow Tail" and is quite delicious. However, I have  left a glass or two in the bottle for tomorrow, showing remarkable restraint. To accompany it I have had cream cheese and smoked salmon (also known as lox) on crackers, so that will hold me for a couple of hours. Dinner tonight is the fish from yesterday with the free pasta from the Senior's Centre. I will cook some mushrooms, peppers and onions to supplement it and add extra cheese and mix up a salad. A match made in heaven! I also got a couple of soups for the freezer.

   A chilly start to the day and, although it was sunny, the temperature never did get much above zero. There was snow on the rooftops this morning but it didn't last long and I am hopeful that things are beginning to sprout. I walked over to the Senior's Centre for Bridge this afternoon so, with the fitness class this morning, I have had an adequate amount of exercise.

   Tomorrow looks like being a busy day as I have committed to doing a demo in the afternoon and will be attending the monthly dance in the evening. It's Volunteer Appreciation night so I will get in free (with a small donation) so I don't want to miss that! I will be aching by the time that's all over so don't expect a blog tomorrow.


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