Sunday, 24 April 2016

Another New Recipe

   I am just off to make a Blue Cheese dressing for my salad before I eat all the blue cheese. It was a special treat as I used $30 worth of PC points to buy my groceries yesterday. There's nothing like free food!

   I got my tax return in the mail today and - glory be  - I am actually getting a refund! This hasn't happened since I stopped working but CRA made me pay instalments last year and I guess they overestimated my income. I only hope my calculations were correct but that remains to be seen.

   I tried tennis this morning but it was very chilly - less that 10C - so I only stayed for half-an hour. I made some bread after I got home and will sample it after dinner. It looks good. Dinner is a salmon steak (also courtesy of the PC points)  with potato salad, peas and some greens with the blue cheese dressing. Should be very tasty!

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