Sunday, 17 April 2016

Too Much Exercise

   The show last night, a play called "Charity Begins", was quite good - for an amateur group. My job was quite undemanding and there was a nice group of others recruited by Judy to usher. One funny thing - I forgot to have any dinner before I went out and was absolutely ravenous by the intermission. However, I managed to hang on until I got home and whipped up a quick supper of leftover quinoa and a couple of samosas with  cup of tea. But it was strange eating my last meal of the day at midnight!

    Quite a busy day today. The weather was brilliant again and I decided to get out on the tennis court this morning. After a strenuous warmup with the guys I got a nice doubles game with Kathy, Ann and Tamara. Tamara and I won (just) but I was thoroughly exhausted after two hours. I went home for a rest and was out again by 1:30 for the demo practice (also strenuous as they are practicing for Gala Day and the dances are tricky ones). So I have had my feet up ever since.

    Breaded fish, sweet potato fries and broccoli for dinner tonight, with lots of lemon on the fish and broccoli. There's enough left for dinner tomorrow.


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