Sunday 10 April 2016 TV!

   The cable company has let me down and I have no TV tonight - in fact, none until Wednesday! The cable box keeps trying to boot up but fails every time. This is doubly unfortunate as tonight is the start of the second season of "Outlander" and I was so looking forward to watching it.

   Luckily I have a video to watch. It's an oldie but goodie - "My Cousin Vinnie" - which I picked up at the Senior's Centre on Friday. The only drawback is that I will have to watch it in the basement on my old VCR and it might be quite chilly down there! I will take my blanket and try to keep cozy.

   Dinner tonight is leftover pasta with lots of vegetables and cheese. I had it on Friday and it was delicious. I will make a salad to go with it, so that's a nourishing meal. This afternoon I made some more scones to use up the last of the buttermilk and they turned out better than the last batch. Unfortunately, I was on the phone to the cable company when the timer went off so they are a bit overdone.

   I have just barely recovered from a hectic day yesterday - a dancing demo in the afternoon followed by the monthly dance in the evening. I came home a bit early to soak my feet before bed as they were aching something fierce, but I slept like a log so feel quite rested today. It was Volunteer Appreciation night so I got in for a reduced fee courtesy of my duties on the 50-50 draw table. Two people were honoured in particular, Forbes and Carole, and both very deservedly. Forbes runs the monthly dances and Carole has been the newsletter editor for many years.

   It has been a restful day for which I am grateful and I will probably have an early night tonight. Luckily I am going out tomorrow and Tuesday night so won't miss the TV too much!

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