Saturday, 16 April 2016

Tonight's Entertainment

   I'm off to the theatre tonight but not as a guest. Judy is in charge of the "Front of House" crew (just one of her volunteer activities) and needed an extra body tonight and I was happy to oblige. I will be taking tickets, ushering people to their seats or some such job. But I will also be able to see the show - for free!

   Another lovely Spring day. In fact the temperature got up to 17C this afternoon, really too hot to work in the garden. I did a bit of tidying and raking but it got too hot and I had to retire to the cool of the house. I'm really not ready for this much heat yet. The weeds are beginning to grow and must be dealt with lickety split before they take over. Maybe tomorrow.

   Nothing else to report as I will be heading out to the theatre soon, after a quick dinner.

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