Monday, 29 December 2014


   A lovely lunch at Judy and Dave's today - Yvonne was there, delivering Christmas presents so I got invited too. Lucky me!  We had butternut squash soup with wholegrain baguette slices, Pork Wellington, asparagus, green salad and potato salad, and a delicious crème brulee for dessert! And, of course, a glass of wine (just one as I still had to drive home). I am still stuffed so will only need a light supper later tonight. After lunch we played a trivia game but soon my head was nodding so I thought I'd better get home.

    The temperature is back to more seasonal levels, -1C was today's high. I saw a few snowflakes but nothing has accumulated so far. Dave has started a backyard rink at their house but it really hasn't been cold enough yet. He should be able to get things going over the next few days.

    After a short nap I spent the rest of the afternoon getting caught up with the weekend newspapers. Now I am about to get my fix of bridge with an online game; last night I was beaten badly by the computer but most nights I come out on top. Can't wait to get back to playing with real people! Some good shows on TV tonight so I should manage to stay awake until a reasonable time.

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