Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Staying Warm and Cosy

   Not much happening today.  I woke up to a chilly 2C and snowflakes drifting down but no accumulation on the ground. I lay and read in bed for a while so had a rather late start. Then a quick breakfast before getting a loaf of bread going in the bread machine. It turned out well. I have cut down the amount of yeast required in the recipe and am much happier with the results. While that was baking I got a pot of soup going - Giada's Winter Minestrone, without the beans. Its secret ingredient is a parmesan rind which I wanted to use up. So that cooked all morning.

    Made myself a delicious decaf latte around 10:30 then headed out to pick up a few groceries at Food Basics. Got a nice piece of salmon and some green beans for dinner. This afternoon I finished two books, "The Children Act" by Ian McEwen (excellent) and the last DS Wallender book by Henning Mankell " An Event in Autumn" - also good. I have nothing waiting for me at the library so had to delve into the bin of paperbacks destined for sale at the next RWTO lunch, but that's not until January so I will be finished well before then.

   Time to get dinner started and then just some light TV before heading back to bed - not much accomplished but managed to keep myself busy on a cold day!

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