Thursday, 4 December 2014

A New Addiction

   Today was Bridge club and I learned that you can get bridge games on the computer. So that's how I frittered away an hour after coming home this afternoon! It is quite compulsive and will really help me with play of the hand. I was paired up with an imaginary partner and we came out on top playing against the computer. I can tell I will be spending a lot of time this way this winter!

   The ladies I play bridge with at the Senior's Centre taught me Gin Rummy today and we played that for the last half-hour. It's really easy and I will try to teach it to Elliot and Natalie when they are here on the weekend. I'm sure they could pick it up quickly. After Bridge/Rummy I went to the pool and did 16 laps - it was rather busy so I didn't attempt more but next week I might try to increase it. I followed this with a soak in the hot tub, as usual, and came home refreshed. I also hit 4 buckets of balls at the golf clinic this morning so certainly got some exercise today. In addition I spent some time sawing away at the dead bushes at the front of the house as the sun was out. The temperature was barely above freezing but I managed to work up a sweat in short order.

   I didn't cook the salmon last night - just had a bowl of my very filling Minestrone soup - so I will have it tonight. Luckily I bought quinoa this week at the bulk food store so that and green beans will be the side dish. My fridge seems rather bare this week so I will have a big shopping list on Saturday.

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