Sunday, 21 December 2014

Winter Solstice

      The shortest day has been and gone so now the daylight hours should be increasing. It's been my observation that there is no noticeable change until well into January but we can live in hope! It was quite pleasant today - above freezing with a bit of sun. I had a walk around the block before lunch as I have hardly been outdoors all week.

    I have started cleaning the house for my guests and today rearranged the dining area to accommodate my table with two leafs in. It should make getting around easier once everyone is seated and didn't require too much shuffling. Now that the grandkids are bigger, they require their own space at the table. Also Ariel (Alison's niece) is coming which brings us to 9. Plus there are so many dishes (the guests are providing the vegetables) that we need a big table. I will take photos before we start to eat.

    I went to Metro today to spend my Air Miles bonus - $10. I managed to spend much more than that but got smoked salmon and flavoured coffee at quite a reduction. So I am well started on the Christmas lunch menu. I just hope everything else is equally easy and non-pricey! I plan to pair the salmon with shrimp and (if I can find it) smoked mackerel, and some crusty brown bread. And, of course, lemon wedges - the grandkids love to suck on them until their mouths pucker!

   One of my neighbours came by with a small gift today, quite unexpectedly, as we don't normally exchange gifts. Now I have to decide if I should give a return gift or just accept it and see what happens next year. We had a brief chat at the door but, really, don't have much in common so I'm not sure why she decided to treat me. I will probably feel guilty if I don't get her something.

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