Wednesday, 17 December 2014

A Festive Dinner

    Yesterday was my family's annual dinner at Swiss Chalet for their Festive Special - quarter chicken, stuffing cranberry sauce and a choice of salad, fries or a vegetable. This has been a mid-December tradition for a few years now and so far we haven't missed out on it.

    I had picked up the grandkids from school and spent an hour at my place before heading over to Swiss Chalet. They made some Christmas cards (lots of glitter in the process) and I left it a little late to tidy up and herd them into the car. But we got there just a little late and at least gave the other grown-ups (Steve and Alison, Dave and Judy) a chance to socialize and relax before the kids arrived.

    Everyone enjoyed their festive meals and all the plates were cleaned, even James. Steve opted for ribs and I understand they were pretty good too. We all got a little box of Lindt truffles and did some trading before departing for home.

    Today I wrote my local Christmas cards and got them in the mail. Then I bought ingredients for a Butternut Squash soup which I whipped up for lunch. I do like a hot soup on these dull rainy days. While it was cooking I put up the outdoor Christmas lights. Note to self: now that it's dark, check if any bulbs need replacing. Now the fire is on and I have finished off the cheese straws with a glass of wine. A salmon fillet is ready to be cooked for a quick and tasty dinner. Must fly!

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