Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Jury Duty

   It was an early start on Monday morning as I was required to be downtown at the courthouse by 8:30 a.m. I drove over to the subway station and parked there ($6! I won't do that again!!) then two subway rides got me there in plenty  of time. There were about 100 of us and we were divided into four panels and, after receiving copious instructions into what to expect this week, our panel was called to court to select a jury. The case was an "assault with a knife" and although my name was picked quite quickly, I was "challenged" by the prosecutor, so went back to the panel. No other calls that day and we were released just after 4:00 p.m.

   Last night was the year-end party at one of my dancing groups and it was lots of fun. We danced until 8:45 then ate and partied after. Sheila had organized the food and there were lots of nice treats. I had been starving when I got home at 5:00 and had some soup and a sandwich but I was still able to polish off quite a few treats!

   Back downtown again this morning but not as early so I left the car at home and took the bus. I was still quite early even though the bus took longer and the subway was quite a bit slower. Only one call again today and my name wasn't drawn so we were off again by 4:00. I just hope the rest of the week goes as easily. I spent the day reading, chatting and doing a puzzle. I would like to find 3 other people with whom to play bridge game but so far no luck.

    Leftover chicken for dinner tonight then an early night. Considering I have spent the day being completely inactive I am surprisingly tired. I guess it's not having an afternoon nap!

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