Friday, 5 December 2014

An Unusual Sighting

    I spotted some kind of hawk in my neighbour's tree early this morning - not close enough for a photo although I did try to snap it. It was still hanging around when I left for Fitness class but it soon flew off, probably in the hunt for a small rodent or squirrel - I hope it was successful. Yesterday I put out a couple of seed bells for the finches and sparrows who hang around my front porch and have been rewarded with their twittering whenever I walk out the door. The grey squirrels have been hanging around trying to reach the seeds but I give them short shrift if I catch them at it.

    The Gentle Fit class at the Senior's Centre is just my speed - not so much aerobically, but my muscles were aching and I had worked up a bit of a sweat by the end of the hour. Sad to say, this was the last class but I have registered (on the waitlist) for the Winter session which starts in January. I stayed to chat and have coffee with some of the other ladies and found we are almost neighbours. They told me of some other classes I could try to get into if this one remains full but I like this Centre as it is only a 5-minute drive from home.

   A quick dinner of leftovers tonight as I will be heading out around 6:30. It's not been quite so cold today and still no snow. Hope it lasts!

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