Saturday, 20 December 2014

Last of the Christmas Purchases.

   I can put away my credit card as the only purchases I need to make now are the food items for the Christmas Day lunch. I bought the grandkids books this year as I am also buying items from the "Gifts For Hope" catalogue in their name. I usually do that for Judy and Steve and their spouses but I decided this year that the little ones get so many toys they won't miss one from me. They got to choose the item purchased in their name so everyone was happy with the decision.

   Bridge on Thursday was fun and I think my partner and I came out on top although we don't actually keep score. I had been to the golf clinic in the morning (the only person there) and went for a swim after bridge so it was a busy day. Friday was just a few errands then making some mincemeat pies in case anyone wants an alternative to plum pudding on Christmas day. Then I made a delicious pizza using my bread machine to make the dough. It had pesto, caramalized onions and mushrooms and a few anchovies under a covering of cheese and the crust rose up a treat. Yummy!

   Today I did a light grocery shop then made a gingercake from my mother's recipe. It is so easy, you just put butter, brown sugar, syrup and molasses in a pan to melt, add chopped preserved ginger and then the dry ingredients. So it's just one pan to clean and the tin it's baked in. I love it slathered with butter and it's also nice with a chunk of nippy cheese.

   A light dinner tonight as I had a big chunk of pizza for lunch along with butternut squash soup which I made earlier in the week. I have defrosted a basa fillet and will have it with sweet potato fries and peas - my go-to green vegetable when I can't be bothered cutting and chopping anything else. I will bread and fry the fish which is so quick and easy. There will be leftovers for tomorrow as the fillet is huge!

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