Sunday, 7 December 2014

My House of Fun

   It was fun and games at my house last night when the grandkids came for a sleep-over. Judy and Dave were hosting a dinner party ( or at least one course, I think it was a travelling dinner) and it made things easier for them to have the kids out of the way!

    The kids arrived around 4:00 p.m. and were go-go-go from then on. First off was getting the artificial tree out of its box in the basement and hauling it upstairs to the family room. Then came the lights and decorations. I basically left them to do it themselves and, under Elliot's guidance, they did a remarkable job. 

     Then we got out the Christmas cake that had been soaking in spirits for a couple of weeks. I had made some marzipan yesterday so rolling that out was Natalie's job. Meanwhile James had doused the top with honey and Elliot had prepared the icing. We got the layers on and put it in the fridge to firm up prior to decorating.

   Since I had company I had taken the opportunity to roast a chicken. Elliot accepted the challenge of carving the bird and did a decent job and proudly carried the meat to the table. With it we had roast potatoes and corn kernels. I was amazed by how much food the kids consumed but there is still lots left for a few more dinners next week.

    While the bird was cooking Elliot and James concocted a dessert. It turned into a sort of fruit sponge and Elliot wrote up the recipe. It went into the oven just as the chicken came out and was ready shortly after we had finished with the chicken course. It proved to be rather filling so we had small helpings. It took only a few minutes to decorate the Christmas cake and, as we had previously rinsed and dried the glace cherries and mixed fruit, it was easy to do. A few pecans added to the overall effect. I will keep half of it and they took the other half home today.

    They had brought a couple of DVD's to watch before bed so while they did that, I cleaned up the kitchen, quite a mammoth job! Then bath time, teeth brushed and into bed - not a sound from them, they were exhausted. I followed them shortly as I knew they would be up early. Before I knew it they were up and on the go again! It was still dark and I tried to ignore them but, as soon as the clock said 6:00, they were ready for breakfast. Pancakes, sausages, eggs, toast and a gallon of orange juice filled them up, in fact Elliot and Natalie had some cereal while they waited. At least they have good appetites. I was sorry and glad to see them go by 10:00 and headed back to bed for a couple of hours!


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