Monday, 15 December 2014

Card Crafting

   I had a few errands to do this morning and, on my way home, stopped in at Home Depot. I have been on the lookout for an electric snow blower and they had just what I needed - and only six left! So I snapped one up and it is all ready in my garage for the next snow storm. Dave took my old gasoline machine last weekend but so far hasn't got it working. It sat unused in my garage for a couple of years as I found it too hard to start and too heavy to manoeuvre. That may be the reason it's on the blink.

    This afternoon I spent quite some time making Christmas cards, with mixed results. I am still having trouble getting a clean stamp, something I managed quite easily at the card-making class. I think the stamp and/or stamp pad I bought may be the reason but I will persevere. I now have enough cards for the local ones I will write and send off later this week and hope my friends will forgive their slightly sloppy appearance. After all, it's the thought that counts!

   Dining on leftovers tonight so it's an easy supper. I made some cheese straws this afternoon from leftover puff pastry and they turned out really well -almost all gone already!

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