Saturday, 27 December 2014

Lucy's Visit

     Lucy the dog arrived around noon yesterday. Steve and Alison were on their way up north for an overnight visit. Lucy didn't seem to object to being left and we had a pretty active afternoon, playing in the back yard and a walk to the park. She can spend an inordinate amount of time fetching a tennis ball and waiting for it to be thrown again.

    We had an early start to the day today with a trip outside at 5:00 a.m. However, after she had finished her business and come back in, I headed back to bed and got another couple of hours sleep before starting the day for real. That's actually a better performance than when the grandkids sleep over. More walks this afternoon and more action with the tennis ball! While in the back yard I did a bit of a clean up since it's still mild (up to 9C today and last week's snow pretty well all gone) and put a cover on my air conditioning unit. I would like to keep it looking new as long as possible The old one got very tatty looking before it was replaced.

   Now Lucy has departed (she was very glad to see Steve and Alison) and I can relax and start on the leftovers again. I have put half the leftover chicken in the freezer for another day and plan to start with the Taramasalata and a glass of White Zinfandel. I should be able to finish off the potatoes, gravy and green vegetables tonight and I gave Steve and Alison most of the plum pudding - there's just enough to have with some custard if I have room!

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