Friday, 26 December 2014

Back To Normal (almost)

     Just a day for sorting and tidying. The dishwasher is finally empty of all the pots and pans that had to be handwashed. A quick run (or rather fast walk) down to the drug store for milk this morning 
 - I knew they, at least, would be open, not sure about the supermarkets. Got the capon carcass in a pot and cooked up some soup - barley, lots of veg and spices, and, an interesting addition, a tsp. of vinegar. Supposedly it draws calcium out of the bones and into the soup - all the better for my bones!

   Steve and Alison arrived around noon with Lucy dog who is having a sleepover with me tonight. She is a delightful house guest, very low maintenance, except she is leaning on my arm, making it difficult to type. We went for a long walk just before lunch so she slept while I had a nap. I hope tonight is equally calm!

She loves her yellow tennis ball - we needed an indoor one and an outdoor one due to muddiness.

In her Christmas finery and eyeing the snacks on the table.

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