Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve

    An early start today, on the road to Bayview Mall by 8:30 to pick up last minute groceries. As expected they didn't have everythng I wanted ( but I did get the bird for tomorrow) so there were three stops on the way home - the bank, Metro at Kennedy Commons (no smoked mackerel but I did get the rest of the groceries) and, while I was there anyway, a trip to Kitchen Stuff Plus for a new coffee press. I had a lucky event there; the guy in front of me in line had a 25% off coupon that he couldn't use and he gave it to me. Result - $4 off the coffee press!
   The rest of the morning was house cleaning (all done except the kitchen floor) and the afternoon was pre-preparing some of the food for tomorrow. I experimented with a stuffing recipe (sausage, celery and dried cranberries) and it turned out quite well although I think I was a bit heavy-handed with the spices. Also made a turnip and carrot mash which will heat up quickly. I decorated the mantelpiece and added some evergreens to the porch planter and wreath, so I think I am done! Luckily I have leftover lasagne for dinner.

Fireplace looking very festive.

Table set for 9.

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