Sunday, 14 December 2014

Lots of Parties

   Friday's jury duty went quickly, no cases requiring our presence in the morning and we were released around noon. Seemingly one case was resolved with a plea bargain and the others weren't ready to come to court. I got home around two and went out right away to buy a small gift for our Friday night teacher, Wendy.

    Sheila arrived around 6:30 and we headed out for our party. We set things up then danced until 8:30 when we retired to the well-stocked tables for our party fare, really too much food but I was pretty hungry. We had a 50-50 draw which Ken won and lots of time to chat and socialize. After we had tidied up I had lots of food to take home, my contribution of sausage rolls and salmon sandwiches - usually there are no sausage rolls left but I will freeze them to bring out later.

   Saturday was the monthly dance - Family Night and there were lots of kids and some new dancers. We sold a lot of tickets for the 50-50-draw - the pot was $154 - and Pat won it, lucky girl! I got home around 11:00 p.m. but needed a hot bath to relax my muscles before heading to bed.

  Today I had a very late start, still in my p.j.'s at noon but after a late lunch and a nap, I settled down to writing my overseas Christmas cards. Then I had a walk down to the drug store for stamps (more expensive than the cards!) and they are now on their way. I am making a chicken pot pie for dinner tonight - shouldn't require any side dishes as there will be lots of vegetables in the pie and the puff pastry lid is all the carbs you need. Better get cracking!

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