Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Getting Close to the Big Day

    Two busy days - yesterday I spent the morning tidying the house and setting the table for Thursday's lunch. In the afternoon I took in a mediocre movie, "Interstellar", with Matthew McConachie. I had a free pass so it didn't cost me anything, thankfully. On the way home I stopped in at Adonis and got some tasty cheese, a gorgonzola and a piece of Shropshire Blue. I really shouldn't go there on an empty stomach! 

    Today I had a good two hours of tennis at Hendrina's condo with her, Lillian and Swan. We played three sets, changing partners each time but I was only on the winning side once. After lunch and a nap I went for a swim. Being the holidays there were lots of kids but they mostly kept out of the deep end so I was still able to swim lengths (actually breadths as they didn't have the lane markers up but I did 24 as they were considerably shorter). On the way home I stopped in at Walmart, looking for a new French Press coffee maker. I broke mine this morning carrying it to the table, so careless. However they didn't have one so I may have to stop in at Kitchen Stuff Plus, I know they have them. 

   I came home and made some shortbread to give to my neighbour - I knew I would cave and reciprocate the gift!  Then I made an artichoke and spinach lasagne which looks and smells delicious - can't wait to get tucked in!

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