Thursday, 1 January 2015

A New Year

   Welcome to 2015!  It is cold and windy today (-4C) but no snow so haven't needed to use my new snowblower yet. Buying it was kind of like insurance - guaranteed to not be needed but there if and when required. Chances are that now that I have it sitting ready to go in the garage, we will have a snow free winter!

    I didn't stay up until midnight last night, headed for bed around 11:00 but was still awake and reading when the year changed. Today we were all at Steve and Alison's for brunch, some looking a little less chirpy than others but all happy to be together to toast the New Year with orange juice. If I had been thinking ahead I would have brought a bottle of bubbly to add to the orange juice (I think they're called blinis) for a proper toast. We had blueberry pancakes, bacon, a bread and ham casserole and loads of maple syrup. Coffee followed for the adults while the kids bedevilled the cats. Lucy was in fine form, chasing her toys whenever anyone would acquiesce to throw them for her. Natalie especially enjoyed interacting with the animals and was rewarded with close encounters with at least one of the cats.

   Now I am contemplating a light supper - probably a salad of some sort. I have finally used (or turfed) all the leftovers except for a slice of plum pudding, but it lasts forever anyway. I had a long nap when I got home this afternoon so should be able to stay up long enough for the standard New Year's Day TV fare. 

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