Saturday 24 January 2015

A New Recipe

   Still mild - temperature  around zero - but a white covering with a bit of ice underneath. Have to be careful with your footing. It has been a very strange January with hardly any precipitation of any kind. I stepped outside all kitted out for a walk this afternoon but one foot on my icy path made me reconsider and I decided to give it a pass today. I got lots of exercise yesterday, Fitness class in the morning, a longish walk in the afternoon and  dancing at night, so I slept well!

   I'm snacking on cheese and crackers at the moment with some smoked salmon and a glass of wine, but later I am going to make a new dish - Ginger Marmalade Chicken with rice.  I bought a jar of pureed ginger as I am tired of having the fresh ginger dry up in the fridge. It's not an ingredient I use too often. The dish is made with chicken breast meat but I am using thighs as I find them much juicier. It shouldn't be too hard to alter the recipe. I bought a large cabbage this morning so will make some coleslaw to have with it. Yesterday I made some Cheese Biscuits and managed not to burn the bottoms this time! I lowered the temperature of the oven and gave them an extra 10 minutes and that seemed to work. They were quite good.

   Lots of good shows on TV tonight so I'd better get cracking! I am getting very bad about leaving dishes in the sink so will try to clean up as I go tonight and have some time to wash my plate before settling in front of the fire with the remote at hand.

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