Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Brussell Sprouts

   I'm snacking on crackers and cream cheese with Judy's homemade red pepper jelly. Quite a delicious combination, with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon to wash it down. But my big feat tonight will be preparing Alison's recipe for brussell sprouts with bacon. I watched her prepare it for the Christmas dinner and, as I needed a vegetable to go with a lamb casserole tonight, I thought I'd give it a try. I know it involved, among other things, lots of garlic so what's not to like?

   I will par boil the brussell sprouts then cook some bacon pieces until just about done. Then I will toss in the drained brussell sprouts and cook them with some garlic in the bacon fat until they caramelize a bit. Should be delicious. I cooked the lamb casserole on the weekend so it just needs to be heated up.

   I had a busy weekend with dancing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday night Wendy taught us a couple of new dances for the weekend dance, so we were well prepared. There was quite a good turnout despite the cold weather and those of us who did venture out had a great time. On Sunday afternoon we had a practice of the Burns' dances, Keith's last turn as our teacher, but the demo scheduled for Thursday has been cancelled due to illness at the retirement home. The next one is this Saturday at a church Burns' supper. 

   I had another cancellation today - the RWTO executive meeting which also was to be held at a retirement home, now under quarantine - but because of that I was able to attend Bridge lessons at the Senior's Centre.

   It has been very cold today - wind chill of -30C - but the sun  was shining and no wind made it quite bearable.
This was the reading when I got up this morning!

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