Saturday, 17 January 2015

Robbie Burns Lunch

   I attended a wonderful Robbie Burns lunch today at a church hall. The food was good and very plentiful (second helpings of everything ,of which I took full advantage) , the haggis was very tasty and, best of all, it was a free meal as we were part of the entertainment!

   The haggis was piped in and a kilted member of the church gave the "Address to the Haggis". After the meal there was "Toasting the Lassies and Laddies", some Burns' songs and poems, a comedian and, finally the Scottish Country dancers (us). We did a couple of reels and a strathspey, then we had the audience up for a couple of ceilidh dances. A couple more dances and a sing-a-long of well known Scottish songs and the entertainment was over. Quite an entertaining afternoon.

    I am still stuffed from lunch so will just have soup and a sandwich later this evening, then an early night after a bit of TV.  


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