Saturday 3 January 2015

First Snowfall

   Well, we did have some snow in December but this is the first snowfall of the year and it wasn't much. I got my new snowblower fired up but decided there wasn't enough snow to make it worthwhile, especially as the temperature is supposed to rise to 8C tomorrow!

   I have been getting a few cleaning tasks out of the way in the last few days; cleaned out a kitchen cupboard yesterday and took all the glasses out of the display cabinet and gave them a polish. Also the shelf was quite dusty so that got a polish too. Today I stripped my bed, right down to the mattress cover and got it all in the wash (had to use the dryer for the bigger items. not suitable weather for hanging things outside) and now it's all back on the bed, nice and fresh.

   Still have a lot of food in the house so my grocery shop this morning was quite small. I love when my grocery bill is less than $30! I just needed some fresh fruit and veg and some fish and shrimp as I can't face any more heavy meals. Tonight is leftover lasagne and I still have some meat from the Christmas bird in the freezer. Sometime next week, when I feel like something substantial, I will defrost it and make a chicken pot pie. I bought a fennel bulb as a treat today but will have to "Google" it for a recipe. I think it would make a nice salad.

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