Sunday 4 January 2015

First Demo Class of the Year

    Keith put us through our paces for two hours this afternoon - no new dances but brushing up the ones we will be doing at the upcoming Burns' demos. There was a good turnout - 24 of us - and we worked hard with only a short break. We have one more practice next Sunday so we should be well prepared. The demos I am taking part in (4) go from Jan 17 to Feb. 4 so I will be busy for the next few weeks.

    It was surprisingly mild today  (high of 4C) and I spent an hour this morning scraping a layer of icy snow off the driveway and clearing a path for the water to reach the drain. It was raining slightly which helped but dried up a bit in the afternoon. The temperature is supposed to plummet tonight so I bought some salt in case ice forms on any damp spots. Last year, when we had the ice storm, I was caught without salt and couldn't find it anywhere as there was a high demand for it. This year I'm prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws our way!

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