Thursday, 8 January 2015

Still Chilly

   It was -13C when I got up this morning and warmed up to -8C by the afternoon - positively balmy! However, according to the radio, the wind chill made it feel like -24C and there was still a bitterly cold wind. Everyone I saw outdoors today had their hoods up to protect their faces and I don't blame them, I did too!

   I went to the golf clinic this morning and hit about 90 balls, which is the equivalent of a whole round of golf. Of course I wasn't walking between hits so didn't get the exercise you would get on a golf course. After that I popped in to the yoga class for which I am wait listed but I don't think I have a chance of getting in to it  as it was pretty full.

   Bridge this afternoon and Dianne was able to get a fourth for our table (her sister who is an experienced player and gave us some tips on bidding and "play of the hand"). Dianne and I went down badly, mostly due to the terrible hands we were dealt, but hope for better luck next time.

   Leftover chicken pot pie for dinner tonight but I had a bowl of guacamole and salsa with tostitos and several glasses of sherry. I read on Facebook that moderate drinkers live longer than non-drinkers but I guess the operative word is "moderate". Hope I qualify for that designation. The glasses were small!

   Here's the guacamole recipe:

1/2 avocado, peeled and mashed
squirt of lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce
Mix lightly.
2 tbsps. salsa placed in centre of avocado mixture
1/4 cup grated cheddar cheese to garnish

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