Friday, 16 January 2015

Fun With the Grandkids

       It was a lovely sunny day but - boy, was the wind cold. The temperature stayed around -5C all day so it was another indoor day. The grandkids were here for the day and we did manage out to the park for half-an-hour this afternoon but were pretty chilled when we got home. Time for hot chocolate and marshmallows!

    It's always fun around here when they come for a visit. They often have me in stitches with their funny ideas and quirky comments, James especially. We had a trip to the library in the morning then played games, did puzzles and finally, got out the scrap paper, stamps, glue and glitter for some craft time. They also each had some computer time and Elliot had brought a kit to put together. He spent quite a bit of time on that and they did watch a video just after lunch while I cleaned up the kitchen. It was a bit of a disaster zone as Elliot and James decided to make a yogurt smoothie just as I was making sandwiches and devilled eggs (their favourite treat at my house).

   Mind you, as soon as they left, I headed upstairs for a nap. Now I am all bright -eyed and bushy tailed, ready for an evening of dancing at Fallingbrook. Hope there's a good turnout tonight.

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