Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Eating Out Again

   It has been a heavy few days on the food side of things for me. After Saturday's Burns' lunch I ate very little until James's birthday dinner on Sunday. He's now 5 and had a smart new haircut for the occasion. We had two delicious salads followed by pulled pork on a bun - all very tasty. And, of course, cake! It was a "Mud Cake" complete with chocolate sponge (the mud), caramel pudding and whipped cream. And don't let's forget the worms (gummy worms actually and nice and chewy they were too). I had a great time playing with the kids before and after the meal - they're always good for a laugh. Lucy the dog was there too and brought her servants (Steve and Alison) along for the ride.

   Monday was relatively light on the food until the evening at dance group where someone brought sandwiches and someone else brought a huge box of chocolates. Of course I once more indulged - just to help clear the plates, you understand!

   Today was ladies' lunch with RWTO and it was quite unusual - a lovely Greek salad with pita for starters followed by chicken kebabs with tzaziki sauce, roasted potato wedges and rice. We were all looking for something green on our plates, beans, peas, broccoli, anything to vary the monochrome palette of the meal. Nevertheless it was tasty and filling, and was followed by a humungous slice of Baklava which I adore. While we finished off with tea or coffee we had a fascinating speaker - a quilter who had brought along some of her 200 (yes, that's right) quilts to show us and give us a little history of how she came to take up this craft. I'm quite keen to give it a try - on a small scale of course!

   Got these nice pictures of some of  the plants brought in from the garden in the fall. They have managed to produce some flowers despite the lack of sun - so cheering on a dull winter day.
These fuschia flowers are just opening - hopefully the plant will survive until it's warm enough to go back outside in the Spring.
I have been clipping sprigs off this Rosemary plant but must have missed a couple of sprouts which have managed to produce flowers.

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