Wednesday 14 January 2015


   The brussell sprouts were delicious. I very rarely buy bacon but have bundled it into 4-rasher packages for easy access from the freezer, so I think it will be a regular on my menu this winter. I found some smoked mackerel at Metro today and decided to try the Cajun variety. It wasn't too spicy as I had suspected so I will definitely buy it again.

   Quite an active day today. An early start (9:00 a.m.) with the Stretch and Strength class at the Senior's Centre. I stayed for coffee and a chat after, then made a quick trip to Chapters to find a birthday gift for James. This afternoon I returned to the Rec. Centre for the clogging class. I am quite enjoying it and am beginning to learn some of the steps. "Walk the Dog" and "The Rocking Chair" are some examples of the strange names the steps are given. The music is very catchy but Wayne, the teacher, said next week we will be learning a harder number although all the numbers are hard for me!

   I have finally finished the Christmas cake but still have some mincemeat tarts to eat up. And, I believe, there's still a small plum pudding somewhere at the back of the fridge. Luckily I still have a can of Devon Custard which I can use to sweeten it. I may still be eating Christmas leftovers by Easter!
Brussell Sprouts and bacon. Yum!!

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