Wednesday 7 January 2015

A New Activity

   If yesterday was a tad chilly, today was positively frigid!  Temperature was -18C when I first checked this morning. It did rise a few degrees during the day as the sun was shining but the wind chill made it feel like -28C (so they said on the radio).It was certainly a day to stay indoors. The only advantage was that it was too cold to snow.

   This afternoon I tried out a clogging class. I loved the music, country and western, but the steps were complicated and I didn't have the right kind of shoes. I will go back next week and try it again as it's free and at my local Rec. Centre. I had a very pleasing phone call this evening - a spot has opened up in the Gentle Fit class at the Senior's Centre on Fridays and I was next on the waiting list. Hooray!!

   I have to bake for Dance group on Friday and managed to make a batch of shortbread  after I got home from clogging but will need something else as well, maybe a gingercake. I used the chicken from the freezer in a chicken pot pie for dinner tonight. I only ate 1/4 of it so it will do me another 3 days by which time I will be well and truly tired of chicken. Plus I didn't use all the chicken so will be having it as chicken salad for lunches until it is finally all gone. Then I will indulge myself with something I haven't eaten recently - maybe pork or lamb!

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