Sunday, 31 May 2015

.......And More Rain

   It was raining when I got up this morning and has continued all day, on and off, so I have not been able to get out in the garden. The pool is full to the brim (up to the top of the skimmer, hope it doesn't overflow) so at least I won't have to fill it again for a week or so. And no need to water the garden - it is well and truly soaked!

   Pottered in the house in the morning, and watched some tennis. Since then I have been very lazy - got out a jigsaw puzzle this afternoon but didn't do much else. Luckily, I have a good book on the go and also am all caught up with the weekend papers.

   I had a nice dinner at Judy's last night - ribs, corn and baby potatoes - as I was called on to babysit the grandkids. So tonight it's back to my leftovers and the rhubarb crumble. I have just consumed half a smoked mackerel fillet on bruchetta slices and goat cheese, washed down with some wine (delicious), so will wait a bit before fixing a salad to have with the quiche. Should be some good shows on TV tonight and, of course, "Outlander" as it is Sunday.

   May need to light the fire tonight as it is unseasonably cold. Brrr!

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