Friday, 15 May 2015

A Little Blip

   Fell off the food wagon today! I had a coupon for Panera Bread, a new store at The Shops at Don Mills. As I was down that way anyway at tennis, and the coupon expired today, I decided that would be my lunch. I got a broth bowl, lentil and quinoa, which was soupy but tasty and had kale wilted in it, and, the free part, a half salad, quite substantial and VERY tasty. It had a lettuce and tomato base, some bacon bits and blue cheese, a hard-boiled egg and a substantial amount of avocado. I only ate half of each although I did dig through the salad for all the bacon bits, cheese and avocado! I will have the rest with a salmon fillet for dinner tonight, poached and smothered with a mustard sauce.

   It was very cool at tennis and, as I was court monitor, I didn't get to play much so was quite blue around the lips by noon.Thank goodness there was plenty of coffee to warm us up. Let's hope that's the last of the cool weather. It's raining now but I did manage to pot up my hanging baskets in between showers. I have filled them with Dragon Redwing begonias which I used last year with considerable success. Pictures to follow.


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