Friday, 29 May 2015

A Surprise in the Garden

   I managed a little longer at tennis today although it is still hot.  I got there early (8:10) and left for home at 10:45. But the most remarkable thing was... my first dip in the pool. It was seriously refreshing but I only stayed in long enough to get my body temperature back to normal. I hadn't cooled down during the drive home and, although the water was barely 70F, I took the plunge!

    A quiet afternoon, some tennis on TV, a nap, and a short stint in the garden, watering and digging borders. They are still rather untidy but I will work away at them over the next week or two. They are very dry as we seriously need some rain, so it is rather hard work.

    Interestingly, while digging and cutting, I found what looked like a nest or burrow under the Mountain Ash - may be rabbits as I have seen a rather large rabbit in my front border a few times recently. He/she may vacate it now as I cleared away all the weeds and shoots around it and it is now rather exposed.

    I plan to make an asparagus quiche for dinner tonight to use up the last of the bunch I bought last week. It only keeps for so long. If there's any pastry left over I will pick some rhubarb and make a small open-topped turnover. I think it's called a crostini.

   No big plans for the weekend, just chores and shopping so I won't blog again until Monday.


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