Sunday, 24 May 2015

Soon Be Swimming

    Although I have been going regularly to swim at the community centre pool, it will be lovely to use my backyard pool exclusively - no splashing or poky swimmers! It's now filled and ready for start up so I hope the pool guys will be here early this week. The water is rather chilly (58C this morning) but with the heat today and forecast for the rest of the week,  that should gradually change.

    Tennis this morning at Bridlewood. It was quite busy but we only had a short wait for our second set. I played with Kathy against John and Cathy - we won one and lost one, mainly because I was running out of steam. But it was a satisfying result as we were quite close in skills.

   Pottering in the garden today - got all my hanging baskets out, watered the vegetables and planted a couple of cuttings in the planters that go by the front door. I planted the King Coleus plants yesterday but will need a few more to complete the border.

    The French Open was on TV this afternoon and I watched a couple of early round matches. I am so happy to have more channels to choose from without an increase in my monthly rate. Outlander tonight, yaay!

   I cooked a beef tongue today - it was on special - and hope it will be tasty and nourishing. It required boiling for 2 hours but I forgot to check the water level and it got a bit dry so it may not be as tender as expected. I am going to serve it with a mustard-horseradish sauce, mashed sweet potato and asparagus.

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