Saturday, 30 May 2015

Rain, Finally!

    The day started bright and sunny but around 1:00 p.m. the skies became dark and within minutes rain was lashing down and thunder was grumbling in the distance. Soon the gutters were overflowing and puddles forming in the garden. The earth was parched so really needed a good soak and it has continued to rain off and on for the last few hours.

    The temperature has remained in the low 20'sC and I did manage to dash out between showers to pick some lettuce and a few rhubarb stalks. I didn't have any pastry left over yesterday but will make a small rhubarb crumble today. Dinner will be the rest of the Asparagus Quiche and some salad. Yesterday I had the quiche with some of my homemade pickled beetroot. They make a good combination.

    Just chores today - a load of washing in the machine this morning and while it was going I got out the Windex and gave the glass tables a polish. It was long overdue! Then I went grocery shopping and stopped in at the liquor store. So now I am all stocked up for a weekend at home. All the bills paid online for the end of the month and I still have some money left over. Yippee!!


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