Friday, 22 May 2015

Good Food and Good Fun

    Yesterday I had to skip tennis as it was the day of the RTO AGM and lunch. The meeting was short and sweet so lots of time to socialize with other members. I was introduced as the new Secretary - hope I don't live to regret THAT decision. Bonnie assured me it was an easy job and I do have more time nowadays. My duties don't start until the next Executive meeting in June so I have time to prepare mentally for it.

   The lunch was excellent and we were even offered seconds and it would have been rude to I didn't! Salad to start, then chicken escalopes with cheese and a tomato sauce, roast potatoes, carrots and asparagus. Then a creamy cake and coffee as we listened to the very funny entertainer, Steve Brinder. He had us in stitches!

Salad with Spelt bread and the olive oil from Portugal.
   On the way home I detoured along Lawrence Ave. to Edwards Gardens where there is a farmer's market on Thursdays. I bought a loaf of spelt bread (no sodium) and a bag of arugula which I planned to use for supper. I was so stuffed from lunch I only needed something light so made a salad. I picked some kale from the garden and combined it with the arugula and added cucumber, red pepper, tomato, half a grapefruit and a hard-boiled egg. For the balsamic dressing I used the olive oil I brought home from Portugal. It's quite peppery and not for cooking (too expensive!) so is ideal for salads. I had the salad with the bread I bought and that was plenty for me.

   I didn't get off very early for tennis this morning and, as a result, found the traffic moving along quite well. I got there in 20 minutes, a big improvement over Tuesday. It suddenly turned cooler around 11:00 a.m. and the wind from the north was bitter. However, there was a decent turnout and coffee and bagels, courtesy of Jasmine.

     The pool guys had arrived by the time I got home, to remove the cover and start cleaning up the water, and I have the pool filling as I type. There's the chance of frost tonight so I have covered the vegetable plants with plastic and will pray that they survive. I have made a mini polytunnel using the tomato cones. It should hold until the weather warms up tomorrow. One sad note, I happened to look out a little later and saw a dead bird floating in the pool. It wasn't there earlier so I'm not sure how it ended up in the water, but it is well and truly deceased!

   Shrimp for dinner tonight, probably in some more salad but with more protein. I may make a garlic potato salad as well.

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