Sunday, 3 May 2015

First Cut

   The back lawn got its first cut of the year today. I was surprised how long it was in places - and the dandelions have sprung up too. I will have to wait until we get a good bout of rain before trying to remove the weeds.

   A beautiful weekend, weatherwise. Blue skies and warm temperatures. In fact yesterday was almost too hot for this time of year. We were all sweating at Don Mills Tennis Opening Day. I didn't play much tennis but it was great to see everyone after the winter hiatus and lunch was excellent. Barbecued chicken, salad, rice, beans, and roasted onions and peppers. What a feed! Plus there were several kinds of dessert so no supper for me last night.

   To make up for my laziness yesterday, I played for a good hour this morning with Cathy, Kathy and Iona. Iona and I won in a tiebreak so it was a close match.

   I caught a monster raccoon plodding across the pool cover last night. He didn't scamper when I opened the door and put on the outdoor light - just stared at me. He left me a nasty present by the composter which I luckily managed to avoid stepping in. But at least it wasn't as disgusting as the headless mouse I found on the patio the other day! At least I think it was a mouse but it was a huge one.

    Looking forward to another episode of "Outlander" tonight. I can't wait to find out what happens to Claire and Jamie!


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