Saturday, 16 May 2015

A Loss in the Garden

    I had planned to have the leftover lentil and quinoa soup/stew I bought yesterday, for dinner tonight, but I was invited out to Judy's to babysit and they had ordered in a pizza so I was tempted. I very rarely have pizza but this one, from Regiano's, was particularly good.

   The grandkids were really well-behaved and I had them all in bed before 9:00 p.m. Elliot even got me set up with my favourite Saturday night TV show before he headed for bed - such a good boy! He told me jokes and read some fascinating facts from his magazine to amuse me, instead of my reading him a bedtime story. He's too old for that although the other two still like one.

   It was a lovely day today - quite hot in fact - but I found my climbing rose had suffered badly over the winter and so I had to cut back all the dead wood. That was hot work! There are a few new shoots coming in at the base so I can only hope it recovers.

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